Sunday, 23 August 2015

June/July Favourites

Hi guys!

I am so so so sorry for being MIA, I have had a very busy 2 months after Ramadan finished and I've been meaning to post for so long but I've never had the chance *sigh* I wanna make the most out of these holidays before uni starts again 'coz I know this third year will leave me with no life. *walks away...but comes back 'coz has a blog post to do*
I missed out June Favourites like a fool so I've merged the two months together :)

1. (Makeup Revolution) I ♡ Makeup - I Heart Chocolate Palette - This palette is a dupe for the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette and I absolutely LOVEEE this palette! The colours are wicked and they're so easy to use and blend. It's mainly full of neutral colours so it's perfect for that neutral eye or a warm smokey eye. The shades I tend to use a lot (as you can tell from the dents in the shades lol) are "Thank Friday", "Pleasure Girl" and "More !" - my favourite shades for my go-to eye look!
2. Gerard Cosmetics "Rodeo Drive" - My friend had got me this as Gerard Cosmetics had an offer going on. Probably one of the best everyday colours I have - the formula is so creamy and glides on so smoothly. It's not completely matte, it has some sheen to it but I don't mind it. It's one of those where when you're in a hurry or when you're stuck on what lipstick to wear, it's perfect. It's not a washed out nude, it doesn't give my lips heaps of colour, but it's like "my lips but better". I always have to have something on my lips, even if I'm going on a quick trip to ASDA, I just slap this on and boom, I'm out. 
3. MAC Lipstick "Brick-O-La" - I absolutely loveeeeee this colour so much! It's one of my favourite MAC lippies for sure - it's that perfect warm reddish brown. It doesn't come out too dark on me, it's just the perfect warm brown and looks so beautiful paired with brown smokey eyes - my fave.
4. Beauty Blender - I don't know where my life was before I got the Beauty Blender. This is just everything you need for a flawless base - it blends your foundation and concealer out perfectly to a smooth, flawless finish. You can use this for anything; foundation, concealer, cream contouring, cream blush, etc. I haven't used any brushes for my foundation and concealer since I got this. I do think it's slightly overpriced for a sponge but make up lovers tend to look past the price because...make up. 
5. John Varvatos "Vintage" Perfume - The best man's scent ever. I'm not even joking, this is that smell that you want every guy smelling of, it's so heavenly. It has that spicy kind of scent...but I'm into men's scents too and as soon as I smelt this, I fell in love. When I'm dressed like a boy, I always spray this on myself to finish the "boy look" hahaha. Something you'd expect Christian Grey to wear...
6. Creme of Nature Argan Oil Gloss and Shine Mist - Whenever I used to curl/straighten my hair, my curls used to look dry and they needed some shine to them to look more...healthy I guess. I brought this mist from Amazon and it's so good! It does the job of making my hair look glossy. You don't need a lot 'coz then it can make your hair look oily/greasy, just 2/3 sprays of this is enough - brings some life back to your hair. And it's around £4 which is very affordable as I didn't want to spend loads on a shine mist. 
7. Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil - Makeupamor on IG suggested this for scarring on the face caused by spots and she said it worked for her so I thought I'd go and try it coz I have a few annoying scars that have been left behind from spots as well - the struggle of life. This actually has helped so much along with my Dermaroller (I'll do a separate post on my skincare). I use this twice a day (morning and night time) and if I remember during the day, then I apply it then. But I'm glad Palmer's came out with this as I know cocoa butter is good for scarring and stretch marks so it's great that there's one that can be used on the face. And rosehip oil I've heard is also great to reduce scarring so this a great product But this isn't just for scars, it can be used for fine lines, dry, damaged skin, uneven skin tone, etc. I suppose, compared to other skincare products, this is pretty inexpensive (retails at £9.99 in Superdrugs, if you're a student then, hoo-ray)'s not a huge bottle either (150ml) so some may think it's slightly expensive. It worked for me and I've seen an improvement in my scars and it hasn't clogged any of my pores either like some oils do. The consistency is thin so it just absorbs into the skin. 
8. Jessup Brushes - I don't think I've done a post on these brushes but I will definitely be doing one 'coz these brushes are definitely worth talking about. I purchased some Jessup face brushes a while ago from eBay and there were four in the pack. They were dupes for the Sigma brushes which we know are quite pricey...I only purchased one and have stopped at that for now. The quality of the brushes were really good, I only used one as I don't use kabuki brushes for the face. I saw a beauty blogger post about these new Jessup pro brushes and the packaging is different too - the brushes are now labelled...I love labelled brushes. They're a 15 piece set and come with both face and eye brushes. The brushes are soooo soft and don't feel harsh on the skin at all. I haven't experienced shedding with these yet either but I've washed them once tbh (today will be the second). I picked out the ones I've been using the most for now and they consist of; large powder brush, tapered highlighter brush and the tapered face brush. I use this all the time whenever I'm doing my face. The large powder brush I use to apply my bronzer (on the cheeks, around the forehead, temples and under the jawline). It's a big brush so it's great to add a bit of colour on the face without too much precision. The tapered highlighter is my favourite - I have been wanting a thin tapered brush to apply my highlighter with and I could never find one. It's perfect for highlighter as it fits nicely on the tops of your cheekbones for precise highlighter application. The tapered face brush I use to apply my blush and the size of it is fit for the cheeks and applies evenly on the skin too. I LOVEEE these brushes, they are so worth the money (£11-£12) - like one brush is the price of £12 so to get 15 brushes which are of amazing quality for around £12 is wicked. Do I sound like a chav when I say wicked? 
9. Red Cherry Lashes in #523 - Such a beautiful pair of lashes - these remind me a bit of the Ardell Wispies but to me, these look a bit more fuller. These are foolproof, they'll go with anything, they're what you call the "safe bet" lashes as they're not overly dramatic and add a bit of "umph" to your lashes. They're fluttery and very natural compared to some lashes. They retail at around £4 which is a bargain! I love Red Cherry lashes, I think they're so affordable and of great quality and they can be used quite a number of times. I've been wearing these for every occasion I've had and they just look gorgeous on - need to stock up!
10. Collection Little Mix Rock It Liner (Jesy) - I used this liner on Eid to do a double wing and it looked super glam! This liner is so pigmented and so metallic, it looks stunning on the eyes! Adds that perfect pop of colour to any look! The brush is nice and thin so you can get a precise wing with it. Collection liners are generally really good quality and ones that are like this (metallic/glitter) are great for special occasions when you want to add a bit of glam to your look. 
11. Maybelline Color Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencil "Keep It Classy" - Maybelline did an amazing thing by bringing out these lip pencils. I mean, they are my favourites from everything from Maybelline. So creamy, so pigmented, so smooth. I rediscovered this colour a while ago and realised how much of a beautiful everyday shade it is. It's a mauve shade with hints of plum - stunning for the fall. You don't really need a lip liner for these pencils are they kinda do both jobs of a lip liner and lipstick at the same time. I have 3 of these and love all the shades - for £4.99, you are balling guys. I think these are meant to be the dupes for the NARS velvet lip pencils so if you compare the price of them to these, you'll know which ones to go for 'coz the quality of these lip pencils are fab - long-lasting and leave a dem-matte finish which is perfect as they're not drying on the lips. 
12. Maybelline Dream Touch Concealer "Ivory" - I was on the hunt for a highlighting concealer as the ones I owned were near enough my colour as I don't do stark white highlighting under the eyes. But I wanted one to mix in with my other concealers so it gives a hint of brightness under the eyes. I chose the shade ivory as I felt like the other shades were too light and looked ashy on my skin. This concealer mixed with my Maybelline Fit Me is a dream team! I blend it out with my Beauty Blender and it leaves a smooth, highlighted and concealed under eye. But you can use this on its own as it is a concealer and highlighter but 'coz I don't want white undereyes, I mix mine and I love it! It's a twist up pen with a brush applicator which is easy to apply and the consistency is thick but creamy so it gives that coverage too. 
13. Highlighter in "Oura" - I came across this girl who makes her own highlighters and as I am a big lover of highlighters, I didn't turn away from these. I found her on Depop (her name is 'XIVIX' on there and on IG she is called 'beautyby.nk'). I got the shade Oura which is a gold, goddess-like shade. By the way, she has soooo many amazing highlighters, ranging from different shades that are great for all skin tones. I have got to say, this is one of my favourite highlighters I have used. It is insanely pigmented and isn't chalky at all! It leaves that beautiful gold glow which I was looking for! Definitely will be purchasing more highlighters from her - check her page out, she's amazing! Below is what it looks like...highlight on fleek. Fo' sure.
Hi Jasmine. 
Pree the highlight.

That's my monthly favourites done guys, hope you enjoyed the read! I have some posts lined up and I will deffo try to get them up - I always have things going on and it just eats up my time but I'm going to plan out my posts and have them up for you guys :D
Love ya x