Saturday, 21 February 2015

January Favourites

So I know we're like near the end of February now and you're all probably thinking "This girl is like 345983935 months late." Okay maybe a bit exaggerated...but yeah, we're not in March yet so I suppose it still counts. And I did say I'd start doing monthly favourites so ya' know...

1. Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter in Golden Lights - This is a gorgeous pearl-like highlighter that catches the light so beautifully! It has become one of my faves. Along with my Seventeen highlighter, I've been wearing this too 'coz I wanted to try out some of the other highlighters I have. But yes deffo one of my faves! It's meant to be a dupe for one of the Nars highlighters too but I've forgot the name, oops. This highlighter can be built up to the amount you want, it's not heavy unless you want it to be! And it isn't chunky either, which is great as who wants chunks of glitter on your face? Er, not me. Along with my Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighter from the contour kit (which I forgot to add in to the picture) "Sand" - a beautiful shimmery highlight, which can be subtle or build-able for an intense highlight.
2. Mac Eyeshadow in Blanc Type - I saw this on Instagram and had read good reviews about it. I used to use this MUA eyeshadow which was a similar colour to Blanc Type but more of a yellow tone to it. When I got this, I understood why this was such a good product. It's a matte texture, literally completely matte. And the pigmentation of this eyeshadow is unreal. One small swatch or even one slight sweep into the product with a brush picks up so much product. So that shows that you can either have a wash of this colour on the lid with a colour in the cream or you can have an intense pigment on the lid for that "nude eye" look. I've tried both and I am in love with this eyeshadow. I used it in my previous post but I used it under the brown shadows as a wash of colour to make it easier to blend the other colours on top. Hands down, one of the best eyeshadows out there.
3. Makeup Revolution Radiant Lights Highlighter Palette - This is one of the new products that Makeup Revolution have launched and I am very impressed with their new range! This is a palette with a trio of highlighters, different shades depending on what look you want. Like the other highlighters I've mentioned, these highlighters are so light and non-chunky that it looks so natural on the skin. It gives you that beautiful subtle glow. And it retails at £8 which is so affordable compared to other highlighters that are sold individually or in palettes, deffo a must have!
4. Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer in Warm Medium - Although I love my Mac Pro Longwear Concealer, I got a bit bored of using it so I wanted to buy a new concealer. So many people have said good things about this Collection 2000 one so I decided to give it a go. Got to say, the reviews were right! It's so creamy and smooth, covers well and blends instantly into the skin! The colour is slightly too light for me to wear on it's own (if I'm not going for the highlighted look) so what I tend to do is, I use a concealer that's near my skin tone and blend a dot of this concealer on top and blend it all out, so when it all mixes together, it has that small element of brightening but not too intense. Plus, it's around £4, I mean, you can't go wrong with that price and the quality of the product!
5. City Color Be Matte Lipstick in Denise - City Color Be Matte lipsticks have become my favourite. The pigmentation, the lasting of the colour, the price. It's amazing. Denise is a purple toned pink colour and looks great on all skin tones! It's a matte finish and sometimes, it can be hard to apply as they are that matte so I have to moisturise my lips well so they glide on better. But the lasting power of this lipstick is great, it stays on for most of the day and isn't drying at all! Will be purchasing more colours for sure.
6. Stila Stay All Day Foundation and Concealer - I never thought I would even have this foundation, forget having it in my favourites. I went into Harvey Nichols to buy Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Patina but it was out of stock sadly. But the lady asked if I wanted a makeover with this foundation and I just thought it'd be like any other foundation but I was so wrong. She used their One Step Corrector Primer and then the foundation on top and my face looked flawless. It's a semi-matte which means you won't be flat matte, but you'll still look fresh with that hint of glow which is perfect. I only ever have to touch up on my nose, coz my nose is just...a drgihdiogdhg. One of the best, probably the best foundation I've tried! For me a small amount covers everything but sometimes I mix it with a dot of my Revlon Colorstay for that extra coverage. But this can even be worn as a thin layer just for that tiny amount of coverage all over.
7. Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Aria - As I didn't get to purchase Patina, the lady who did my makeup put this on me and she fell in love, my friends fell in love and I fell in love. It was just perfect for the winter time as it's a deep purple with pink undertones, but it looks so flattering on everyone as it's such a universal colour. It's a liquid formula but dries completely matte and the pigmentation is brilliant, opaque and creamy texture so it applies smoothly! And yes, it lasts all day and it isn't a pain removing either. It removes easily with my cleansing water and a cotton pad :)
8. Illamasqua Blusher in Create - I had this in my 2014 Favourites too even though I only got it in December but I swear this is one of the most beautiful blushers I've owned. It smells divine, the colour is divine, it applies divine, it is divine. It's perfect for the fall as it has that warm bronzed look to it but without any shimmer so it still looks natural. It adds that perfect amount of colour to your cheeks and to be honest, this would be great to wear in the summer too for that bronzed skin look.
9. Me Now Long Lasting Lipgloss in 22 - I saw this mentioned on someone's post and it wasn't a good review as someone said they didn't like the texture of them. On another review I read that they're really good and affordable. When I typed in "liquid lipsticks" into eBay, these came up and I was so shocked as I didn't know they were that affordable. They're literally like a £1 with free delivery too! And there's so many colours to choose from. This one that I got is similar to my Stila one (Aria) but it's that slightly bit darker but never the less, a beautiful colour! It really does live up to its name when it says it's long lasting. This thing doesn't come off with anything, literally. Apart from oil/oil cleansers and even with that, it's still difficult. It is that slight bit drying but I don't know if that's coz my lips were already super dry 'coz of the weather. I may have to try them again with this nude colour I got. But for the price, the quality is amazing!

Anyways guys, that's the second post of the day! Have a good read and hope you all have a great weekend! :) I'll be back with some reviews next! x
PS - I might move this blog onto a tumblr account and use that as my main "thing" but put this blog on there too. But like, have tumblr so I can have different sections for each topic of the posts I do if that makes sense? It'll be a bit more organised which is what I like and I'm trying to expand my audience so I might be doing that in a couple of days when I have a free day :)
I don't even think none of that even made sense. It's okay...I'll keep walking...*walking man emoji*

Shabby Chic

Omg. Hi guys. I have missed blogging so so so much. I have been so busy and I haven't even started painting my room yet. *sigh*. I'm going to start painting tomorrow as I want it done asap before my workload starts.
Anyways, onto the post...
PS - I will be doing two posts today. Yes two. Because I haven't posted in ages, I thought two posts is necessary, it'll give you guys something extra to read ^^ I don't know if that's breaking the rules...but...yeah...

Today was my beautiful's niece Jasmine's 1st birthday party! Well her birthday is on Monday but the party was today. And it was all "Shabby Chic" themed, it was all too cute! I've posted some pictures of the set up, her momma did a great job! I thought with this excuse, I can do an outfit post! YAY FINALLY.

 Sweet heaven.

I actually loved my make up today. I went for brown smokey eyes with a pink lip. The lip colour was a mixture of LP City Colour's Be Matte Lipstick in Mauve Ice with Mac's Viva Glam Nicki on top which gave it that more of a cool toned pinky look, me larvvvv. Oh and I loved my inner corner highlight today which was Mac's Reflect Pearl glitter, it looked so beautiful and was so convenient for the party too!

My dress was from Boohoo which my best friend had recommended me to get. She has the black one and I wanted the black one too but my size was out of stock and they only had the grey one in stock so I opted for this and I'm so glad I went for this! Although black is one of those colours which goes with everything, I feel like so is grey and I can pair any colour with this grey dress and it'll look hot. And it's suitable for either daytime wear and evening wear! Plus it's super comfy. Winning. Accessories were my rings, one was from Turkey and the other was from Select (you can't see them unfortunately), my Michael Kors watch, bangles from India, studs from Accessorize and my amazing, beautiful, stunning, hot, gorgeous, breathtaking, indescribable statement necklace which is from...wait for it...eBay. Yes eBay. And it was priced at £7.99. Sorry but that's a bargain. You'd think it'd be like £15/£20, maybe more. This is why eBay is bae. It just made the whole outfit, I was eagerly waiting for an occasion to wear this necklace and what better occasion than a birthday party, woo!
I styled my hair with straightners but in a way where it looks 'blow-dried' so doing the flicky and curling technique. As this was after the party, it had kinda gone loose...sad times.

Hope you enjoyed that short read times, another post coming up next!
P.S.S - Don't mind my visible lash band. I came home and thought I'll take some pictures but as I was in a rush to get ready, I didn't have time to put my lashes on so I thought I'll put them on for the pictures. And I was too lazy to cover the lash band with eye liner. Don't judge pls.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Forever busy.

Hi guys!
Please bare with me with the posts, I've been extremely busy throughout these two weeks. Exams have finished (for now but still, woo!) and we had two weeks off and in those two weeks I've been non-stop clearing out my old room getting it ready for decoration hopefully this week! It's been so annoying clearing everything out but that's all done so on Saturday I will be going choosing my carpet and getting paint! And painting for the first time, yes, first time. Uni has started this week too, so I'll be crammed with work load again soon EURGH. But I'll try to post as often as I can. And I have no new outfits for you guys yet either *cries* but I'll post a January Favourites this week, promise :) soooo sorry for the delay, I'll be back! x