Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Big Lips Please?

Thankfully, I've been blessed with plumped lips, I mean they're not huge but they're not small either, they're pouty-ish I'd say. For that reason, I don't need to overline my lips to fake 'big lips' but I thought I'd give it a try just for fun :) And I actually really like the way I did them! They're not overly drawn and massive, I just overlined them slightly. I think for me, I wouldn't do this everyday because I don't need to, if I ever wanted to do it, I'd only do it for pictures or going out but even then, I wouldn't do it all the time I went out. So I thought I'd do a blogpost on how I did this, I know it's not perfect, I was just practising it and was kinda chuffed at how it came out!

Firstly, I used the shades 'Fawn' and 'Java' from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit to contour/emphasise that deep part above your lip...I really don't know what that bit is called! But you know what I mean...above your cupid's bow! That's what we'll call it! So I contoured that slightly and I also contoured below my bottom lip. I did that with the same shades but I did this very lightly as I didn't want it to be too harsh. When you're contouring under the bottom lip, you want to contour where the shadow usually is, that way it creates the effect of fuller lips. I used the Real Techniques Pixel Point Eyeliner brush from the Starter Kit and this was good because it was quite small and quite thin so it was easy contouring the smaller areas around the lips. 

When I was contouring those areas, if I felt like it was too harsh or there was too much product, I just blended it slightly with my pinky finger and that way it looked much more natural and less harsh. After contouring, I used the shade 'Sand' to highlight my cupid's bow and I absolutely love this shade for highlighting at the moment, especially on your cheekbones - so divine! I used MAC's lipliner in 'Spice' to outline my lips. I lightly went outside my normal lipline to get the 'slightly overdrawn-big lips' effect. 
Kinda got there. 
Anyway, after I outlined my lips to how I wanted them, I blended it out with my finger again just to soften the line. I used MAC's 'Faux' to fill in my lips which is one of my favourite nudes! And with the same Real Techniques brush that I used before I just blended the lip liner and the lipstick together so you can't see the outline that I drew. To emphasise the effect of fuller lips, I used Maybelline's Color Sensational Lipgloss in 'Sugared Honey' which gave it a more glossier and 3D look :)

Friday, 15 August 2014


 T:Shirt: Zara. Pants: Primark. Necklace: eBay. Watch: Michael Kors.

Make-up Details - Face: Bourjois Paris Happy Light Matte Serum Primer, MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NC42, MAC Prep+Prime Highlighter in Bright Forecast, Maybelline Superstay Better Skin Foundation in Sun Beige, Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit (Shade Banana and Havana), Rimmel Natural Bronzer in Sun Glow, Sleek blush in Sahara, Seventeen Instant Glow Shimmer Brick in Gold Bronze, MAC Translucent Powder. Eyes: Sleek Brow Kit in Dark, MUA Undressed Palette (Shade 2 in inner corner), Rimmel Glam'Eyes Mascara in Black. Lips: Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Oxford Street Fuschia, Maybelline ColorSensational Shine Gloss in Glorious Grapefruit.

Zara t-shirts are amazing! Even better when they're in the sale! I'm gonna start doing make up deets' now whenever I upload make up selfies :)

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Barely There

Hi guys! Sorry about the post delay! Ramadhan's over and it was Eid and I've been busy busy! Was thinking of a new post to do and recently I've seen a lot of people wearing nude lipstick so that brought an idea to my mind that I should do a post on my favourite nude lipsticks, both high end and drugstore :) Now, I love nude lipsticks but me and nude lipsticks have this weird relationship. I love them and whenever I see a gorgeous nude lipstick I'll buy it. But when it comes to the point of getting ready, I always disregard my nude lipsticks and always go for the brighter option! Which now when I think about it, it really annoys me because these nudes are absolutely beautiful, I don't even know why I don't wear them that much! When I was putting them on my lips, I was just thinking "Wow, this is so pretty, why aren't you on my lips more often?!" 
PS - ignore the growth of my moustache please in some pictures and my poor application of some of them, I had to do it quickly :( Oh and the lack of focus, I forgot to focus on some of the pictures too...*sigh*

Max Factor: Burnt Caramel

This is the first favourite. I cannot express how beautiful this colour is. I fell in love with it at the store when I saw it and when I got home I fell in love with it 10x more. It's the perfect nude for my lips, it's sooooo pretty! It's so creamy and glides on so easily, definitely recommended! The packaging as well is so pretty. And it smells kinda like caramel too, actually I don't know if it smells like caramel. But it smells of something. Something nice.

MAC: Cherish

This was one of the first nudes I brought when I was on the hunt for the perfect nude. And this is the perfect nude for me! This has more of beige undertones and it doesnt' glide on as smoothly as the Max Factor one but it's still beautiful on the lips and leaves a slight matte finish. 

Sleek: Bare It All

Another nude with pink undertones, this also glides on so easily! I love this nude, it's perfect for the summer! I absolutely love Sleek lipsticks, they are so affordable, pigmented and the quality is amazing!

MAC: Faux

Wow. Whenever I apply this on my lips, I'm just like wow. The colour of this nude is so so beautiful. It's sorta' like a mauve colour if that's even the right colour. Yeah I think it is. It reminds me of Kylie Jenner's lips and funnily enough, Chrisspy in her how to get Kylie Jenner's lips tutorial actually used this lipstick! It's so creamy and has a beautiful sheen to it. Definitely going to start wearing this more often!

Rimmel Moisture Renew: Nude Delight

I've had this nude lipstick for like, 2 years. I love this nude because even it's not the perfect nude for my skin as it's a tad lighter, it's still a gorgeous colour that is nice to wear on the "pale lips" days. But sadly, I haven't used this for ages and out of nowhere, people are now raving about this so I thought I'd bring it out and wear it a bit more often now because it looks pretty on it's own or if you want to use it to tone down a dark lipstick :) I've heard the formula/texture has changed for this so I need to check that out!

Collection Cream Puff: Powder Puff

I have never loved a lip product so much. This has got to be one of my holy grail products by far. I never would have discovered this if I wasn't looking for the MUA lip lacquers in my local Superdrug stores and because they ran out of stock for them, the woman recommended this product as an alternative. So I brought this nude one just for the sake of buying it as it was so cheap as well but when I went home and tried it on my lips, I wasn't really feeling it. It isn't opaque as how I'd want it to be but then I tried this over one my Rimmel 'Pink Blush' lipstick and it was the perfect combination ever. Ever since then, if I want to 'nude down' a lipstick, this is what I use and the creamy, velvety texture leaves a smooth matte finish. Another recommended product! And it smells quite sweety as well...

Rimmel Kate Moss Collection: 08

 You know when you're just wandering around and you want to buy something for the sake of buying it. Well this was one of those things, I looked at this and thought "Oh, this is pretty" and just brought it, not thinking how much I'd actually love this on my lips. If that makes sense? Another beautiful, pink undertoned nude, definitely compliments my skintone! As you can see, nudes with pink undertones are my favourite haha!

Wet 'n' Wild: Bare It All

The most perfect nude for warm skintones. It is so beautiful, it's creamy, the nude is almost perfect and has a gorgeous sheen to it but it can sometimes also look matte but that depends on how you apply it. I fell in love with this when I first put it on. I am definitely going to make this one of my everyday nudes! Also a great dupe for MAC's 'Velvet Teddy'. 

Topshop: Beatnik 

And the last of my favourites and this is one of my 'top favourites' is Topshop's 'Beatnik'. I'd heard a lot about Topshop's make up range and decided to give them a go and I gotta be honest, quality of their lipsticks is great! This lipstick is so creamy and pigmented, I love it! You don't even need to wear lipbalm underneath as it already leaves your lips soft and moisturised. It sort of looks similar to Mac's 'Faux'. I will definitely be trying their lipsticks out more and with the price at £8, you can't go wrong!


With and without flash.
MAC - Cherish, Max Factor - Burnt Caramel, Sleek - Barely There, MAC - Faux, Rimmel Moisture Renew - Nude Delight, Collection Cream Puff - Powder Puff, Rimmel Kate Moss Collection - 08, Wet 'n' Wild - Bare It All, Topshop Lips - Beatnik