Sunday, 29 June 2014

Kiko Krazy

L-R: Full Coverage concealer (01), Rock Attraction bronzer (Steady Honey)

Okay, so before watching Carli Bybel's YouTube videos, I'd never heard of Kiko cosmetics. It was only when she mentioned the Kiko eyeshadow in 208 that I was like WOW. Honestly, it was one of the most stunning colours I'd seen used as a highlighter. For some of us, purchasing expensive highlighters such as MAC's Whisper of Guilt or Estee Lauder's Heatwave can be quite tricky as they are limited edition but I feel like this eyeshadow is the perfect dupe. It's a gorgeous gold colour and has a beautiful shine to it! You can intensify how much of a glow your going for, it's definitely one of the best highlighters/eyeshadows I've used! And I absolutely love this as a eyeshadow too! When applied dry, it has the same effect as when used as a highlighter, but when you use it wet (I use MAC Fix+ to wet my eyeshadows) it turns somewhat metallic and is perfect with either a bold lip or a nude, glossy lip if you're going for a more goddess look! So this eyeshadow definitely gets a thumbs up from me!

Me being me, I never purchase just one make up item if I'm shopping online haha! So I was looking through what other products they had and I came across the Rock Attraction bronzer in Steady Honey. I haven't used it a lot but I did try it and it's one of my favourite bronzers so far. It's so natural when you put it on as it doesn't have any chunky bits of glitter in it and gives you a subtle tan. And the packaging is also amazing!

The third product I purchased was the Full Coverage concealer in 01. I really needed a good everyday concealer as I wasn't very fond of my Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer. So I got this one and I wasn't too sure of what shade so I got it in 01 and when it arrived, I realised it was a tad pale for me but I kind of use it as a means to highlight the under eye area as well. I prefer this concealer over my Rimmel one! I feel like because it's more of a creamy consistency, it gives me more of a coverage but still not as much coverage but saying that I don't have any major issues with my under eye area (no eyebags, no severe dark circles, thank the lord~)

I'm actually quite impressed with these products, I think another Kiko purchase is due~

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